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Samsung Note 8 Camera Failed (Solution)

Warning: Camera Failed” is certainly not how you have pictured enjoying the wonderful camera of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But still, if you’re looking at this message displayed on the screen of the device whenever you launch the app… The problem is just as real as it can get and you need to come up with a fix. It might come down to a factory reset, but not just yet.


To fix the Note 8 Camera Failed error on your own…

  1. You can first try to initiate a simple restart of the phone. Press the Power and the Home buttons, at the same time, for as long as 7 seconds in a row or until the device turns off and vibrates. This is how you give the Note 8 a serious restart and you should expect to notice an improvement when it turns back on. If not…
  2. You can then try to access the Camera app’s settings. Go to the General Settings of the phone and tap on Application Manager. From the list of apps, select the Camera and use the Force Stop button available in there. After the forced stop, also run the commands of “clear data” respectively “clear cache”. If you still get the error…
  3. You can finally clear the cache partition. You’ve just cleared the app’s cache, but it cannot hurt to clear the system’s cache as well. It’s a harmless process and all your data will be safe, so, no need to stress out about backing up anything. Instead, turn off the Samsung device and simultaneously hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home keys. Let it go when the Recovery Screen loads and use the Volume Down key and the Power key to select and start the Wipe Cache Partition option.


Say you have followed, step by step, all of our suggestions from above? If none of them turned out to be an effective solution for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera failed problem… Well, you have no other option than resorting to a retailer. Asking for an advanced inspection or directly for a replacement of the unit with a damaged camera is something you’re perfectly entitled to!

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