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Samsung Note 8 Charging Problems (Solutions)

In a top of the situations with the highest potential of blocking your access to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the charging problems are the most concerning! If you think of it, as long as you cannot recharge your smartphone, you will get to that point where it simply shuts down. What’s a powerful device that doesn’t have battery or that doesn’t stay charged as it should?

Given the severity of the issue, allow us to skip any other introduction. If you read this, it must be because you are looking for solutions on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 charging problems. That’s precisely what we will share with you in this article. As usual, we will start from the potential causes and show you the best course of action.


For software issues, reset the smartphone

The phone doesn’t have to be defective, but even one problematic app can cause some blockages that make it behave weirdly. To rule out any potential software malfunctions, simply reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you don’t know how to do it, take a few minutes to read our guide here and it will all become clear to you.


For cable issues, use a different USB cable

Despite how reliable and flexible these USB cables are, it can happen for it to become defective at some point. You don’t need to know why, you only need to test this possibility, which is extremely easy to do. Grab whatever USB cable you can find from any other charger around the house. Replace your current USB charging cable and see how it goes. You’ll know your answer right after that.


For connectivity issues, clean the USB port

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery charges when the charging unit is plugged in and it transfers electricity to it, through the USB cable, from the socket to the battery. The USB cable is the channel, but the entrance “gate” to the battery is given by some connectors. When these connectors are bent, pushed or even broken, the connectivity is impaired and the smartphone won’t charge. But more often than not, the connectors are fine, it’s just the debris that built up in there and affected the charging process. Simply use a paper clip to clean it and see how it goes after that.


For any other issues, ask an authorized technician

The list of “any other issues” can be very long, which is why, at this point, you should probably stick to taking the phone for a professional inspection. An authorized technician might determine whether it’s a more serious problem with the smartphone or with the battery itself and show you the best way to act about it. Who knows, if you still have the warranty, you might even have it replaced for free!

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