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Samsung Note 8: Does It Have Notification LED Settings?

Once you get a new Samsung Note 8, you would want to try out majority of its awesome features in which LED notifications is one of them. One of the major merits of the LED is that it helps to bring up the LED notifications you received without even being with your phone once it is flashed.

However, the LED notification also has its demerits and you can always turn it off once you feel it is not giving you 100% satisfaction when using your Note 8. Turning off your LED notification can be done through the following process:


Turning off And Disabling the LED Notification

  1. Once your Note 8 is turned on.
  2. Proceed to the Menu from the Home screen.
  3. Go to the Settings.
  4. Click on “Sound &Notifications”
  5. Check for the “LED indicator” option
  6. Disable LED indicator by tapping the switch key.


In any case, if you want to hide messages or notifications from people on your Note 8, the LED would be very helpful in concealing the messages that you would be getting that are private to you. This is a major reason you would need to disable the LED notification on your Note 8.

Nonetheless, when you disable the LED, it does not turn off a particular message you would be is left to you to either decide to utilize it or not.

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