Samsung Note 8 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

The beauty of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint sensor is, perhaps, in the sense of novelty that it brings. Once you’ve been there and done that cool thing, you might conclude that it is not for you. Or you may be unhappy with how the sensor responds to your scanning requests. In any case, if you’ve beginning to ask yourself what it takes to enable and then disable this feature, we’ve got you covered!


For enabling the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint sensor…

  1. It all starts with the Fingerprint menu from the Lock Screen and Security Settings;
  2. This is the place from where you can activate (and, later on, deactivate) the built-in fingerprint sensor on your smartphone;
  3. And this is where you have to go and tap the Add fingerprint option;
  4. You will get to see, on the screen, the detailed instructions on how to place your finger for an accurate and complete fingerprint scanning;
  5. Once you follow those indications and set up an alternate backup password, you can confirm that you want to enable the fingerprint lock and start using it immediately.


Now, just because you’ve done this once doesn’t mean that you have exhausted your options. In case you haven’t noticed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can take up to 5 different fingerprint entries in total. You can use the 4 remaining options for other 4 fingers of yours or simply to give access to 4 other persons. Naturally, you should take this thing as very serious – the person who gains access to the fingerprint sensor will be able to do a lot of things on your phone.

Especially if you’re using these fingerprints to log into different pages, to download apps, or to make payments over the web, we suggest you act with caution. Otherwise, go on and play with the Screen Lock Type options. We will show you next how to deactivate it when you’ve had enough of this feature or when you just don’t find it convenient anymore.


For disabling the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint sensor…

  1. Use your fingerprint – which is currently still active – to unlock the device;
  2. From the Home screen, navigate to the main Menu of the phone;
  3. Tap the Settings icon to access all its sections;
  4. Stop at the Lock Screen and Security section;
  5. In there, hit the Screen Lock Type and see what you get to select.


By now, you should know that the fingerprint is not your one and only option. In fact, you must have noticed, when you have configured it for the first time, that you were required to set up an alternative unlock option.

When you’re not using this sensor, you can even choose to disable any unlock option. Otherwise, you can choose to Swipe, to draw a Pattern with your finger, to type a PIN code or to set up a custom password. Any of these is just as good to unlock the phone, though not necessarily as effective in terms of security.

If going through the details of how to use the fingerprint sensor on your Galaxy Note 8 didn’t help you, you know you have other choices as well. Select one from the unlock types presented above and start using it. You should be able to turn the fingerprint sensor on/off, as you see fit, right when you need it!

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