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Samsung Note 8 Flashlight Widget

Samsung Note 8 has flashlight that comes with its own uniqueness. What point having a device if you can’t use it properly. The flashlight help user to get a source of light in the dark. The device have a built in widget which can turn on and off. So you don’t need to download any flashlight app in your device. All you need on your flashlight coming on and off is in your widget.


Flashlight Widget On Note 8:

Widgets are mini-apps that can be included to your home screen. Note, they aren’t the same as shortcuts. They display info and take up more space than a single icon.

  1. Switch-on the device
  2. Touch and hold an empty area on a Home screen.
  3. Tap Widgets.
  4. Touch and hold the flashlight widget then drag to the preferred Home screen. For the widget to be successfully included, there must be sufficient space within the selected screen.
  5. Navigate by scrolling to discover the torchlight
  6. Whenever you need to utilize the torch just tap on the symbol to turn it on or off


The above methodology have the procedure to help user of the device to utilize the torch in case one is in a dark place.

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