Samsung Note 8: How Do I Deactivate Bixby? – Solved

For you own the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you probably don’t want to deal with several different Virtual Assistants like Samsung’s Bixby and Google’s “OK Google.” If you’re one of those people, below we’ll explain how you can deactivate Bixby on Samsung Note 8.

Before you go to deactivate Bixby On Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it’s important to note that Bixby is the main assistant on your phone and is integrated deeply into the phone’s system. Those that prefer having Samsung Note 8 Bixby deactivated, then we’ll explain how you can do this below.



How to deactivate Bixby on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The following steps will explain how you can deactivate Bixby on Samsung Note 8 a few different ways. The most effective way to disable Bixby is by not having it work when your press the home button. This can be done by following these directions:

  1. Turn on the Note 8.
  2. Once the phone has turned on, press the homescreen.
  3. Go ahead and swipe left of the screen to fix the toggle that will allow you to disable Bixby.
  4. After that has been completed, go back to the home screen and to make sure the settings have been saved.


Second way to deactivate Bixby on Samsung Note 8

The next steps will explain how you can completely deactivate on your Note 8:

  1. Turn on your Note 8.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap on the Applications button.
  4. Select on All Applications.
  5. Tap on the Bixby option.
  6. Select on the Disable button.
  7. Now a message will show up saying, “Disabling built-in apps, may cause errors in other apps” all you need to do is tap on this to deactivate bixby.


Again as mentioned before, Bixby is very integrated with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, thus some applications on the Note 8 could not function correctly once Bixby is disabled.  But the great thing is that you can always go back and turn Bixby back on if you don’t like it.

Once you’ve read the instructions from above, you can easily deactivate Bibxy on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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