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Samsung Note 8: How To Change Languages

Apart from having the best language settings and features the Note 8 also offer a great switch between languages such as English, Korean, Chinese, German, Spanish and many others. But remember that, once you are done with choosing your preferred language, the whole system of your phone will be affected.

Now the question is how you can do it? Simply go to settings on your Note 8 and select the change in keyboard language settings. The detailed procedure of doing so is written below. Trust me it’s plain to understand and easy to rule.


Changing Language on Note 8

  1. Turn on your phone, and it should be charged enough
  2. Select “settings icon” from the homepage and “My device option” from the tip of the screen.
  3. Find control and input subheadings and they would redirect you to the input and language and select “language” right at the topmost part of your screen.
  4. By clicking this, you will be able to enjoy any language you desire to from your Note 8.



Changing the keyboard language on Note 8

Go to the home page and select the “Language input” from setting icon. On the system section, choose “language input” and select keyboard and gear icon, and following this, you can choose any language of your desire on Note 8. Alongside choosing your desired language, you can also turn down any language of your disinterest. All you have to do is simply use checkbox.

If you are using multiple keyboards and are in trouble finding your chosen language and want to select between them, just get your fingers on the space bar and swipe sideways.

After that Download and install More Locale 2 use, manage and install the software (second) now and after that choose the custom locale, available on the top of your Note 8’s screen and formerly you will catch the ISO639 and ISO3166 this will provide you with a list from where you can select your language and you country. And right after you can just hit the button “set.” Congratulations you can enjoy any language you want on your Note 8.

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