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Samsung Note 8: How To Copy And Paste

While utilizing your Samsung Note 8, you could make your work faster, more effective and efficient by using “CUT, COPY & PASTE” .What you need to do, in order to be able to utilize these three tools which would help make life considerably less stressful when utilizing your Note 8 would be shown below in detail.

If you have been using windows or a Mac computer, then using the features cut, copy and paste would be simpler for you to use on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 because they work in a comparable manner. The features are a bit difficult to reach but they will prove to be useful on the grounds that they are extremely effective and easy to utilize. The copy, cut and paste tools help you move words or texts from wherever they are to where you need them to be, either your email, notes or any other section.



Using Cut, Copy and Paste on Note 8

On the off chance that you need to utilize the cut, copy, or paste tool, the best approach to do it is to simply click and hold the content you need. You should expect to see a bar that would come up once you do this. The bar would indicate the three tools and it is left for you to select any one which best suits what purpose you need it for by dragging the side of the box to either extend or stretch that section.

In case you are on the internet, you could share your text using the share button the android has or you could likewise utilize the magnifying glass to do a Google search. Then you can simply copy whatever text you would need and paste it where necessary by following the process given earlier.

In order for you to paste the text properly on your Note 8, you would have to tap on an empty space instead than a word. The cut tool is used to mainly erase a word or sentence and enables you to paste it into another place. Constant use of the copy, cut and paste tools would make things to be done easier and faster.

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