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Samsung Note 8: How To Create A Custom Ringtone

If you don’t like the ringtone of an incoming call from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can change it almost instantly. You have an entire list of predefined ringtones waiting to be discovered. And we are pretty sure that you also have your favorite songs that could easily be set as ringtones for particular contacts or reminders. More on how to do all that with the famous TouchWiz technology from Samsung, coming up next!

Bear in mind that you can personalize the tone for your call notifications, text message notifications, and reminder notifications. We will show you the exact steps for the first one, as it is the most common request that we get from our readers.


When you want to set a custom ringtone for the Galaxy Note 8…

  1. First, you must decide what contact you want to edit and select it;
  2. Unlock the phone and head to the Dialer app;
  3. Browse through the contacts displayed in there and select the one you wish to modify;
  4. Tap on the pen-shaped icon that becomes available once you have highlighted it;
  5. From the list of edit options that will extend, tap on the Ringtone button;
  6. You’ll see a popup window with all the available ringtone sounds launching on the screen;
  7. You can browse through it and select whatever you like;
  8. Alternatively, you can use the Add button to navigate through your Samsung smartphone and select a song that you already have on it.


Right after you have added that song to the selected contact, you can expect to hear it every time that person will make a call on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Repeat these steps to create custom ringtones for as many other contacts as you’d like!

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