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Samsung Note 8: How To Fix Power Button Not Working

When you’re bumping into the “how to fix power button not working” issue for the first time, you must be really stressed out. After all, the display of the Samsung Note 8 no longer wakes up. It doesn’t respond to the only key supposed to turn it on and allow you to use it, so, what do you do?

The first thing you need to check is if this is exclusively a display wake up problem or a more serious problem when the device is completely unresponsive. If it’s the latter, chances are that you will get no other reaction – not when you tap the soft keys, not when someone is trying to call you.


Nevertheless, if the screen is black but the soft keys light up, the speakers render the incoming ringtone despite not seeing anything on the screen, it could be something easier…

Try to plug the charger and to tap the button several times in a row. Maybe you’re almost completely out of battery, maybe the hard key got stuck – who knows? You have to try and convince yourself it if really isn’t working.


Now, if none of your actions resulted in any positive change, you have one troubleshooting option and one rapid fix solution. The troubleshooting will be done from the Safe Mode, where you would have to test if the device is responsive or not. If it is, you can tell that a rogue app was causing the problems. If it isn’t, you should move on to the actual fix, the factory setting.

With this fix, you are basically bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to its initial, factory defaults and start reconfiguring it. This will also give you the chance to ran the latest software update and things should be fine with your power button after that!

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