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Samsung Note 8: How To Print – Guide

Did you know that you can utilize a Samsung Note 8 to print, wirelessly, or any form of documents that you have stored in it? As long as you have a wireless printer nearby, it will be put to paper inside seconds. Obviously, some factors needs to be put in readiness that will be required for execution. That is why you open this page, right? To detail you a short Wi-Fi printing guide, particularly intended for Samsung Note 8 gadgets…

Some person will be considering that it may require a great deal of time and also getting the require driver plugin. In any case, that is not valid. Regardless of the possibility that the printer you’re wanting to utilize is not as of now installed in your Note 8, you can without much of a stretch get the correct programming from the Play Store. There’s truly no printer out there that your cell phone won’t have the capacity to deal with.


Samsung Note 8 Wi-Fi Printing Guide

  1. Go to Apps;
  2. Click on the Settings symbol;
  3. Search for Connect and Share and click on it;
  4. In there, click on printing
  5. You should see a rundown of the installed printers and, if your wireless printer isn’t in there, click on the Plus symbol
  6. You will be sent straight to the Google Play Store application, where you can run a scan for the correct printer that you require;
  7. You will redirected to the Google Play Store app, then search for the particular printer
  8. After the installation you can go back to the Printing submenu from the general Settings;
  9. Now you can select the printer
  10. Your device will begin scanning. If printer is turned On and you will be able to start using it immediately:
  11. Go to the file that you need to print;
  12. Tap on the 3-dot symbol from the upper right corner;
  13. Hit the Print button
  14. scroll down to the end of the document;
  15. Tap on the button from the base;
  16. What’s more, the cell phone should begin printing the file


Now that you know how to install and how to utilize a wireless printer with your Samsung Note 8. These cell phones are so flexible and that it will work with basically any Wi-Fi printer you could attempt to utilize.

As you follow the procedure above, you will end up being a printing master right away. Obviously, once the printer is installed, the procedure will be considerably shorter and less demanding with all your next prints!


How to Print Note 8 emails wirelessly

All you need to do is go through the procedure above and make sure the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device is connected to the printer.

In this way, to print an email, open it and select the three-point symbol on the upper right of the email. You can tap “Print” from the options.

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