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Samsung Note 8: How To Remove Preinstalled Apps

Bloatware is not necessarily a nice word yet it is one that many Galaxy Note 8 owners use. That’s because their smartphones come with lots of preinstalled apps that they didn’t ask for and that they don’t even need or intend to use. This so-called bloatware can be either removed or simply disabled. While many are doing it in an attempt of saving some extra storage space, more often than not, you don’t earn enough space out of it.

You can try, however, and see for yourself what you get. Google apps (Gmail, even the Play Store and so on) can be disabled, just like Samsung apps (S Voice, S Health etc.). No problem at all!


For the exact instructions on how to remove preinstalled apps on Note 8:

  1. Turn your phone on and head to the Home screen;
  2. Open up the App drawer;
  3. Hit the Edit button available in there;
  4. From the list of all the preinstalled apps, you should select the one that you want to get rid of;
  5. If that app has a minus icon listed next to its name, it means you can either uninstall or disable it;
  6. Simply use the minus icon for each app that you want to get rid of.


Throughout this process of bloatware removal, your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may display some notifications. It will mostly be about the warning that some apps and services could manifest different malfunctions if you disable that particular app. Rest assured, if one app is too important for the system, you won’t be allowed to uninstall it anyway!

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