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Samsung Note 8: How To Speed Up Web Browsing

You may have as of late bought the Samsung Note 8 and are having issues with the Internet speed because it the makes the performance of the cell phone slower than normal. Be that as it may, you will have the knowledge of how to boost the speed of the web browser on Note 8 when you’re making use of the Android Browser or Google Chrome.

A demonstration of how to increase or decrease the scroll of your internet browsing speed which can end up noticeably baffling to you in the event that you utilize it would be shown. To build the speed, we will be demonstrating to you best practices to enhance the performance by having a greater amount of the gadgets RAM while utilizing your internet browser when you are looking over.

The progressions that you will be making will build the speed of your web browser however they won’t make the speed quick. You will have the capacity to observe the speed of the Internet while focusing on the website that contains many GIFs or pictures. We suggest that you take a look at the instructions underneath to enable you know how you can build the speed of the web browser on Note 8 whenever the need may occur.


Speeding up The Web Browser on Note 8

You can make the speed of your Note 8 faster, by examining the features that are concealed on Google chrome. You should simply type in the address bar to get these features. We suggest you take a look at the guideline below on how you can approach the hidden menu so as to enable an increase in the speed of the internet.


  1. Make beyond any doubt that your Note 8 is turned on.
  2. Scroll to the Chrome Browser option.
  3. Type or copy in the “chrome://flags” to the URL bar.
  4. Check through to discover “Maximum tiles for interest area”.
  5. Reconstruct the Dropdown menu to 512 by clicking the title.
  6. Choose to affirm the progressions by tapping on “Relaunch Now” close to the base.


It is advisable that no change should be made to any special settings or options in Chrome://banners menu. This is on the grounds that in the event that you do this, your web browser may be slower or be unsteady. The alternatives that are specified are for features that are forthcoming or for an improved testing.

If you followed the process above, you will have the ability to figure out how you can boost the speed of your Internet while you are utilizing the Android or Chrome Browser while on the Samsung Note 8 and also when browsing, it would give you the right amount of speed needed to scroll or navigate which makes a big difference when your page loads.


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