Samsung Note 8: How To Turn ON Alarm Feature

A clock feature is always welcomed on any Android device. But your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is giving you a lot more than that. Of course, you’d have to try it out, check all its configuration options – not just the popular snooze feature – and then you’ll understand what we are talking about. And once you will learn how to use it, you will start setting up reminders, using it to wake you up when staying at hotels and even at home, creating new alarms on the go, deleting old alarms, and so on. Let us show you how to get started with it all!


The 7 options of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 alarm

Aside from creating the alarm – which can be done from under the Apps >> Clock >> Create menus, you will also have to configure it in detail. You’d be surprised, but there are settings such as the name of the alarm and you can even decide at what interval and for how many times to have the snooze feature active. There might seem like a lot to digest, but we will try to keep it short and simple. So, in the particular order that you will get to select, here are the options to take into account:

  1. The time when you want the alarm to ring – with AM/PM display if you prefer;
  2. The alarm repeat days – you have a box that you can check for Repeat weekly (7 days a week, each day on the same hour) or you can simply tap on the individual days when you want it to be active;
  3. The type of alarm – as in the kind of sounds that you want it to make: loud sound alone, vibration alone, or the two of them combined;
  4. The tone of alarm – you can select the exact sound that you want to hear with it, whether it is a song from the predefined list or a song from your music library;
  5. The volume of the alarm – in case you opt for the loud ring tone, you have a slider from where you can adjust the volume;
  6. The snooze settings – you must turn this feature On or Off and, for the On option, you have to set the interval (to snooze at every 3, 6, 10, 16 or even 30 minutes) and the repeat number (to have the snooze option active on the screen for 1, 2, 3, 6, or even 10 times in a row);
  7. The name of the alarm – as suggested above, you can type a name into this field and the text will show up on the display when the alarm is triggered.


Now that you have set up the alarm on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, when it will ring you should have a yellow ZZ sign and a red XX sound on the display. The first one is to activate the snooze and the second one to stop the alarm. Both of them only need a touch and a swipe in any direction, to become active.

Assuming you want to delete an alarm from the Galaxy Note 8, you’ll have to access the alarm menu, touch and hold that particular alarm entry, and hit the Delete button.

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