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Samsung Note 8: How To Turn ON Spell Check

The Samsung galaxy Note 8 comes with in-built feature that enables you to check your spelling errors and also help to suggest intended words to fit into a sentence. This feature is there to save your time typing speed to deliver a message. If you mistakenly type a wrong word, the feature checkmate it by underlining the wrong word with a red line.

There after outline a propose words that could fit in that particular wrong spelling. For simplicity, the following bellow will guide on the steps on how to activate the spell check no your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


How to turn ON spell check on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Switch on your Samsung Note 8 device
  2. Look out for your main menu.
  3. Navigate to setting on your device
  4. Click on the Language & input option.
  5. Search for Samsung keyboard option.
  6. Activate the Auto Check Spelling by selecting it.


It must be noted if peradventure you are not cool with it or you prefer to type every word spelling on your own without this feature. You can go through the process above and then deactivate the check spelling option by selecting “OFF”. This will automatically make the spelling check go back to normal.

However, if you decide to download another spell check from Google Play to the default spell check, the step process to deactivate the downloaded keyboard installed app may be different depending how the install app is designed


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