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Samsung Note 8: How To Use Screen Mirror Feature

The Screen Mirror feature is not just for the fanciest TVs out there, you know? As long as you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can connect it to Samsung Smart TVs and to analog TVs just as easily. There will be some differences when it comes to the components required for setting things up, but other than that, the impossible is nothing!


How to screen mirror your Note 8 on the TV with a wireless connection:

  1. Buy one of those Samsung AllShare Hub devices;
  2. Use it together with a standard HDMI cable to set up a connection with your TV;
  3. After that, make sure that both the TV and the Hub are having access to the same wireless network;
  4. When all this is done, go to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 settings and you’ll find the Screen Mirroring option listed in there – just activate it and you’re ready to go!


How to screen mirror your Note 8 on the TV with a hardwired connection:

  1. This time, you will need an MHL adapter that you know is compatible with your smartphone;
  2. Use the adapter and connect the Note 8 to it;
  3. Use a power source to plug in the adapter;
  4. With a standard HDMI cable, make sure you connect the MHL adapter to the TV;
  5. Use the remote and switch the TV to display video through the HDMI port that you are now using with the adapter and the phone;
  6. As soon as you’ve switched the port display settings, the TV will mirror whatever you have on the phone.


The instructions are very simple and can be performed from any Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with any kind of TV. The only difference is that the HDMI to composite adapter is necessary for the older, analog TV models.

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