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Samsung Note 8 Internet Slow (Solution)

The internet can be slower or faster depending on many factors that not necessarily have to do with the Samsung Note 8 itself. If there’s one particular website or app that is giving you problems, you know the solution. But if you notice that you’re having troubles accessing the internet on more than one website – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. – you are right to be concerned.

Now, the most common reasons that would give your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a slow internet connection may relate to:

  1. The signal of the Wi-Fi network;
  2. The traffic on the websites or on the network you’re using;
  3. The smartphone’s low memory or numerous apps running in the background;
  4. The smartphone’s outdated firmware or corrupted cache;
  5. The internet browser outdated version or the internet exceeded data speed limit.


Simple steps – such as connecting to a different Wi-Fi network, testing with other websites, running some software updates and cleaning up the device to speed things a little bit – are easy to do. If you did all that without success, ask yourself the following questions…


Have you recently cleaned up the system cache?

For problems that are obviously connected to a particular app, the first option is to wipe the app’s cache and data. But since you are looking at a general, slow internet problem, you can go straight to the part of wiping the system cache. This process is more commonly known as “wipe cache partition”. As the name suggests, it is all about the information stored in the cache memory.

When you delete it, the system remains perfectly functional and no actual, physical data will be removed. Your personal information is safe so you should confidently boot into the Recovery Mode. With our instructions on how to clear the Galaxy Note 8 cache memory, you will be able to use the Wipe Cache Partition feature in the following minutes!


Is the Wi-Fi really turned off?

In case you’re wondering what does the Wi-Fi connection have to do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 slow internet… The thing is that when both mobile data and Wi-Fi are enabled, the smartphone will try to pick the most convenient option for you. That would be the free option, the wireless connectivity. But if you’re having access to a slow Wi-Fi network, the internet on your mobile will be just as slow.

Just to make sure that your slow internet issue doesn’t relate to local factors, turn off the Wi-Fi and monitor if the problem persists on mobile data as well. Go to Settings, select the Wi-Fi from under the Connections tab, and tap on its slider to switch from On to Off.


Would you take the phone back to the shop?

Back to the store from where you’ve bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you should benefit from professional and authorized technical support. A physical check will reveal any damage that you might have overlooked. You should also receive professional advice depending on the defect that was discovered. Repairs are an option, but if nothing from our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 internet slow solutions worked so far… Chances are you will be recommended to replace the unit!

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