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Samsung Note 8 Internet Speed Slow – Fixed

When the internet is connected to Note 8, it becomes slow. Either the users are busy on social media Apps e.g. WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook it is annoying for the users of Note 8 and has been complained by the users variously.

Infra some guideline is available to solve the slowed internet problem on Note 8 smartphones. There are several reasons of slowed internet on these smartphones. Some major reasons for this issue on Note 8 are:

  1. Freeze network connection by several users visiting the
  2. Same site simultaneously
  3. Many Apps are working simultaneously on screen   Background
  4. Low device storage internet storage Might be full or having errors
  5. Old microcode of Note 8
  6. Weak Wi-Fi network and signal strength


Clear Cache on Note 8

To clear hidden storage space is a better option to solve this problem easily. If this is not worthwhile, then you must need a “Wipe Cache partition”. While taking this note, it can save all the saved files and data from damage. It can save data of Note 8 from deleting. After the completion of your process, you can get whole of your data of photos or videos back safely. Now the most useful and worthwhile question is how to clear Note 8 phone cache? Android recovery mode of Note 8 can do it successfully.


Make sure that WIFI is turned off on Note 8

Poor and weak signal of Wi-Fi might be because of switched on connection of Note 8, therefore it is demand of situation to turn it off for a while to get a strong connection back .there are following ways to get the strength of your Wi-Fi connection back on your Note 8

  1. Turn your Note 8 on
  2. Switch to the menu option
  3. Check the “Connections.”
  4. Switch to Wi-Fi
  5. Switch WIFI OFF, click the on and off button


Get the help of a technician

If all these solutions are not worthwhile for your smartphone, and you are not able to fix your problem then in such cases, one must take his phone to a professional technician to affix their Note 8 problems or take it to the seller for scrutiny.

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