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Samsung Note 8 Keeps Restarting When Using Snapchat (Solved)

If a stable smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 keeps restarting whenever you’re trying to use Snapchat, there must be something wrong about it… It doesn’t have to be extremely serious, but it is worth doing all the checkups that depend on you. Below listed are our top 3 suggestions!


Let the pros handle it and stop worrying

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is under warranty, by all means, take advantage of it! You’re not just getting the most professional and fastest solution, but you’re also skipping the part where you try to troubleshoot on your own, getting all stressed out about it. Even if you don’t have a warranty, as long as the phone keeps restarting with a Samsung logo, or as long as it constantly reboots, freezes, or shuts off, let an authorized technician look at it. You cannot ignore the possibility that there may be something seriously damaged about it, so, use a professional solution!


Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Safe Mode

We have started this article mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tends to keep restarting when using the Snapchat. This can only reinforce the idea that testing the device in the Safe Mode environment is necessary. This mode is the most secure place from where you can get rid of bugs and securely uninstall applications. Long story short, whenever the phone restarts uncontrollably or some app stops working, you can test if the phone can still function properly within the Safe Mode.

To put it simply, you will have to long press the Power button until the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reboots. After that, when the screen is activated and shows the Samsung logo, you can switch to long pressing the Volume Down key. Let go of that key only when it asks for the sim-pin and the Safe Mode text shows up at the bottom left.


Reset the operating system and the entire Note 8

When the smartphone keeps restarting even in the Safe Mode or when you just can’t get along with it, consider that the Android operating system might be the culprit. Have you recently performed a new firmware update? You’d better back up your files and start a factory reset right away!

Once you learn how to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and you follow those accurate instructions, you will bring the phone to the initial factory defaults and none of the malfunctions will manifest again. You will be able to stop the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from keep restarting when using Snapchat or in any other context!

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