Samsung Note 8 Keeps Turning OFF (Solution)

If you’ve searched the web, you’ve already seen that there are numerous complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphones that keep turning off. Some say it can turn off or just restart. And it does so occasionally or several times in a row. It shows the Samsung logo on the screen when doing that and there isn’t necessarily a pattern.


In case you recognize this tendency in your own problems with the Note 8, we strongly advise you to find a Samsung technician and ask for a fix or a replacement, especially if under warranty. It will help you to save money and stress, as it could be a serious damage (on the battery included).

Other than that, we have to ask you… Have you installed a new app recently? Does it tend to turn off, restart, or just freeze when you use a certain app? Or have you installed a new firmware update?


When an app might be at fault for the Note 8 that keeps turning off…

Safe Mode is one of those booting sequences where anything – except for the stock apps – is shut off. Since no third-party app or service is allowed to run in Safe Mode, the test is simple. When the smartphone no longer suddenly reboots, it means that it is because the real trigger – a third-party app – was blocked. It’s your job to tell which one and to uninstall it. We will settle on showing you how to run this test.

To boot the Samsung device into Safe Mode, press the Power button until you see the Samsung start logo, during the reboot process. Right after that, switch from holding the Power key to holding the Volume Down key until you see the Safe Mode text at the bottom of the display and you’re asked for the sim-pin. Now you’re free to explore!


When the OS might be at fault for the Note 8 that keeps turning off…

Recovery Mode is yet another booting sequence that you can access. Only that in here, you come when you’re planning on doing some big changes, such as performing a factory reset. If the reboot problem allows you to do a backup, you’d better do it now. Otherwise, all your information will be lost in the process.

If neither inspecting in Safe Mode nor restoring the factory defaults from Recovery Mode helped, you know the drill. With or without warranty, you will have to follow the path of an authorized service. You won’t be able to do anything else on your own regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that keeps turning off.

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