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Samsung Note 8 LED Notification: Turning It OFF And ON

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 LED notifications are for when you’ve been away from the phone for a while and you have missed a few things. The tiny LEDs from the upper side of the screen will flash in different colors depending on what notifications you have missed. Through time, you will get used to it but if you don’t feel like using this feature, you can disable it.

As a small observation, this is the kind of visual alert that either applies to all of your notifications or to none of them. Since you cannot disable it partially, you probably want to know how to do completely turn it off.


Here’s how to disable the LED notifications on the Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Start by unlocking the screen and going to the main Menu from the Home screen;
  2. Access the Settings and look for the Sound and Notifications option available under that section;
  3. You should see a LED indicator entry listed in there;
  4. Use the toggle next from the LED indicator option to switch it to Off and leave the settings.


The first time when you’ll get a notification and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 display will be locked, you will see that no LED will light up. That’s because the LED notifications are finally gone and you are now free to enjoy your privacy! No one needs to know that there are unread notifications on your smartphone…

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