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Samsung Note 8 Screen Rotation – Fixed

You may have quite recently gotten the Note 8 and you have been having issues with the screen not turning on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You keep having this problem when you activate the screen rotation. An additionally issue is the gyroscope and accelerometer not working on your Note 8. You will observed that this issue comes up when your internet connection is turned on thus causing your device camera to remain on the horizontal view point. Another problem you will encounter is that the device button are inverted and the default camera display is upside down. Strange, isn’t it? Don’t worry. A way out from this problem is to simply initiate an update of your device software to the current one on your Samsung Note 8.

In regard to solving the screen rotation problem, I will show you various ways you can get this done. First on the line is to do a hard reset on the phone device. Doing this will make you realize that the issue is with the device screen rotation. It is advice to do a quick check up on the device’s gyroscope or accelerometer by performing a self-testing of your device after the hard reset. You can tap the code 0*# on your Samsung Note 8 dial pad. Tap the “sensors” to do a test run after you see the screen for service mode. Then reset the device to factory default if your wireless carrier to get to the device service screen, disable the option.

It is prescribed to have your Samsung Note 8 back up with the goal that you don’t lose any of your significant data. You can back up the data on the Samsung Note 8 by exploring to the Settings, then move to Backup and Reset. Come closer and go through the following step for easy navigation.


Note, to test your phone to see if the accelerometer or the gyroscope is working fine

To do as such, you may rely upon your wireless carrier by doing the following:

  1. Launch the Dialer application;
  2. Type in *#0*#;
  3. A service mode screen will come up
  4. Simply selects Sensors;
  5. Then do a self-test


Note, if by the time you dial *#0*# and the service mode screen didn’t come, it means the device carrier cannot be access. However, you can initiate on the default factory setting restoration

In the event that you’ve written the code without progress, it implies that your transporter isn’t giving you a chance to get to this administration screen and you truly can’t run any further with this strategy.

Rather, you could play out a Note 8 plant defaults rebuilding – in the event that you don’t know how to do that, this guide will demonstrate very convenient.


If after all the procedure listed and the problem continue, then consult your service provider to help out


Perform a hard reset on your smartphone

Do a backup first of your device on the ground that the procedure will eradicate everything on your gadget. Simply go to setting, backup and reset. eRun a hard reset on your device by doing the following:

  1. Switch-off the Galaxy Note 8
  2. Press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up button at the same time. Hold until a Samsung logo comes up.
  3. Options will comes up. Scroll to recovery mode and then click on wipe data reset. Note you cane scroll by clicking on the volume button.
  4. Then click to reboot system now once that is finished.


At this point when it’s altogether done and your Note 8 is getting a new beginning, the screen rotation should work perfectly.


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