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Samsung Note 8 Screen Rotation Not Working – Fixed

A wide screen like the one of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can still need some adjustments from time to time. Most Android smartphones allow such adjustments through a very popular feature known as screen rotation. It lets you switch the display from vertical to horizontal and the other way around.

When you know you had this feature active but, all of a sudden, the screen no longer rotates, check the camera as well. If you notice that the rotation issue is doubled by the inverted camera images, buttons included, you are clearly dealing with something more serious. The dos and don’ts of it all are presented below!


What you should try when the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen rotation is blocked is to…

Check if it isn’t a setting issue – if the screen rotation feature listed in the Quick Settings option is disabled, there’s no wonder that the screen no longer rotates!

  1. Check if it isn’t a software update issue – go to Settings and search for the latest software version available. This should rule out any potential software bug, before you take the decision of doing a hard reset.
  2. Check if it isn’t a problem with the accelerometer or the gyroscope – these two sensors are the ones that make the screen rotation on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 possible. When they don’t work properly, you can experience issues like the ones above described. Now, to test their functionality, you will have to go to the dial pad and type the *#0*# If your carrier allows you to access this code, the command will take you to the Service Mode where you can run a self-test of the sensors and see what you get.
  3. Check if you can bring the phone to its factory defaults – this is precisely the method that we have mentioned above and that we have avoided so far because it will lead to deleting all the data. Before you read this guide on how to do this reset, we strongly advise you to go to Settings and use the Backup and Reset tools to create an archive with your most important files! When you’ve tried everything and even talked to your service provider about it without success, take the steps listed in here.


What you should NEVER DO when the Note 8 screen rotation isn’t working is to…

  1. Hit the device with the palm or the back of your hand;
  2. Give the device a strong jolt until maybe it starts to rotate once again;
  3. Listen to any other similar out-of-the-box tips that you may find online.


These outrageous suggestions – which we don’t really know where did they come from – are absolutely no way of handling a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone like yours. Whatever the problem may be, you have our suggestions above and you can always take it to an authorized service when nothing works!

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