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Samsung Note 8 Silent Mode Guide

There are three major ring modes accessible on any Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device in which the silent mode is one of them. Most new users of the Samsung device tend to ask various questions in which putting their mobile on the silent mode is one. There are two ways to save them from the misery which includes: activating the silent mode from either the main settings or by using the volume controls on the side of the device.

On the off chance that you press the volume down key, do not remove your hand until you observe a slider on the screen has gone from the loud ring to silent. Once it’s on silent, you can stop pressing. Also, if your smartphone was in any event set to vibration, then you could mute all notifications from the settings of your Samsung Note 8:

  1. Scroll down the notification shade;
  2. Click on the sound icon out of the various other icons available on the first;
  3. Click it three times and with that, you’re done.


Typically, if your gadget was basically on the loud ring mode and you clicked on the sound icon thrice, and then it should go into the silent mode right away. But for further clarification, make sure you observed a small render of a speaker with a slant line crossing it also with a test written mute on it, before leaving the menus.

As said earlier, it is a very easy and clear method. If you’re still unclear about some things, do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comment box as we would respond swiftly as soon as we can to it.

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