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Samsung Note 8: Split Screen View And Multi Window

The Samsung Note 8 have a great feature that allows you to run several apps at the same time using the Multi Window Mode and Split Screen View. This is great for multitasking, but it not available until the feature is properly enabled.

If you don’t know how enable this capability, we explain how to activate the Multi Window and Split Screen View functions right here.


Enabling Multi Window mode on Note 8                               

Follow these exact steps to enable the Multi Window feature:

  1. Turn on your Note 8.
  2. Go to the settings menu
  3. Select Multi window, which is under Device Make sure the multi window toggle to turned to on
  4. You can then also make Multi Window mode the default setting by selecting the box next to open in multi window view.


Once you’ve turned on Split Screen View and Multi Window Mode, you’ll see a grey semi or half circle appear on your main screen. This semicircle indicates that your phone is ready to be used in split screen mode.

To start a split screen session, tap on the half circle Multi window mode will open once you’ve tapped the half circle. Now you can move any the icon from the menu to the window.

The great thing about this feature is that with either the Galaxy Note 8 you can resize the window. To do this, press and hold the circle in the middle of the screen and then move it to the place you want it to it. Enjoy!


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