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Samsung Note 8 Stop Capitalizing (Solved)

Capitalizing words is supposed to send a particular message and underline the importance of what you’re texting. Do it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or on any other device, as long as you really intend to – otherwise, people might feel a bit annoyed by it.

The previous observation was only designed to help us underline an idea – if your smartphone is capitalizing words without you even wanting it, you can make it stop! The reason why it is doing so relates to the Autocorrect feature, one of the most debated default features.


Specifically designed to automatically correct typos, spelling errors, and whatever it considers a mistake within everything you type on your smartphone, the Autocorrect doesn’t always work like charm. There are instances when the corrections it makes don’t seem exactly right and, especially because it makes it all without any previous notification, you can see how this can be an issue.

In case you were wondering what’s the connection between the Samsung Note 8 stop capitalizing issue and the Autocorrect, the answer is simple: they can both be corrected from the same place. And together with the two of them, you’ll have access to a couple of other texting features. Let’s show you the way!


If you want to turn On/Off the Autocorrect and other Galaxy Note 8 features…

  1. Turn on your phone and access the keyboard – you can do this from literally any app or window where you can normally type texts;
  2. Look for the Dictation Key symbol, located on the left side, in the proximity of the Space Bar;
  3. Tap on the Dictation Key and, after that, on the Settings icon;
  4. Select the Predictive Text under the Smart Typing section and deactivate it;
  5. Select the auto-capitalization feature and deactivate it as well;
  6. Take a look at all the other Smart Typing features and see what else you want to keep and what you want to disable.


When you’re done, you can simply leave these menus. Both the autocapitalization and the autocorrect are now turned off on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Of course, you can always get back here to turn them back on!

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