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Samsung Note 8: Turning OFF And ON Autocorrect – Manual

In the event that you have a Samsung Note 8, you may have seen that it has what is called autocorrect however you don’t know how to utilize it. Autocorrect has been extremely useful for individuals that are having issues when they are writing things on your cell phone however it doesn’t turn out the way you need.

In any case, in some cases, you may have an issue with autocorrect on the grounds that it has changed something that was not at first off-base. The problem of autocorrect accompanies the Note 8 that can make you end up plainly disappointed.

You may likewise not have any desire to utilize autocorrect and need to know how you can deactivate the feature on your Samsung Note 8 gadget. You can deactivate the auto-correction with the goal that it doesn’t fix the words that it doesn’t know or you can deactivate it for forever. You can figure out how to switch autocorrect on and off on Samsung Note 8 gadget by taking a gander at the guide underneath.


Turning autocorrect on Samsung Note 8 off or on:

  1. Switch-on your Samsung Note 8
  2. Look out on screen where you will see keyboard
  3. Click on “Dictation Key.” It is close to the “Space Bar” on the left.
  4. Select the Settings gear symbol.
  5. Choose the Predictive Text that is underneath the segment of Smart Typing and deactivate the feature.
  6. You can likewise deactivate all sort of option, for example, auto-capitalization and punctuation.


Just on the off chance that you alter your opinion and you need to turn autocorrect on the Note 8 on, you will simply need to go to the keyboard that you began with and explore to the settings and activate the feature which will have things backpedal to the way they were before.

The way toward turning autocorrect on and off on Note 8 will doubtlessly shift in light of the fact that the keyboard is rearranged in another way, so don’t be surprise when you utilize a keyboard application that you downloaded from Google Play Store.


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