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Samsung Note 8: Turning Off Preview Message

Note 8 has a feature of texting, which is quite famous with the name of message preview. This feature is mainly designed to pop up the message and notification on your Home Screen, Your Lock Screen and even under your notifications bar at each time when they arrive in your gadget.

A pop-up notification is helping you in so many ways that you cannot even think; it conveys you the name of the message sender, it gives you a short glimpse of that message. It even allows you to access that particular messaging app with just a tap and you can also reply to that specific message at the same time.

May be the characteristic of sender’s name, and a short glimpse of the message might be problematic in some situation. But all these features are quite useful to most of the time as because it allows you to access the messaging app at that particular time or if you don’t want to reply at that moment the notification can wait for you.

But there’s always a second side of the coin, along with the convenience this pop-up messages can raise privacy concerns even. Many users across the world are complaining that they never want anyone sitting next to them could able to see the story of all the messages. And of course, it’s very natural sometimes some messages can be very personal for someone!


To turn off the Message Preview feature on Samsung Note 8: 

  1. Open your Settings and then go to Applications,
  2. Select the option of messages,
  3. Click on Notifications
  4. Recognize the Preview Message section with the two choices, Status Bar and Lock Screen,
  5. Don’t check for the boxes connected to any of these two.


Now you will get the message previews only in your status bar or might be only on your lock screen, or in none of them. It depends on what you have unchecked in your settings.

This process is so simple that even anybody can do this, and at any period you can again change the settings as per your requirements. You only have to tick or untick the boxes according to your preference.

So, from now your messages will remain private, and I am sure that you all are in love with this feature from Samsung Note 8.

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