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Samsung Note 8: Turning On Predictive Text – Guide

The Predictive text feature of Samsung Note 8 tends to be entirely debatable. In the event that you haven’t decided on it yet, maybe you didn’t get the opportunity to use it to know its components better. Concerning this article, you would be shown several hints on the best way to turn on predictive text and, above all, how to dodge the problems most users face.

The first reason is on why users would get angry with the auto correct is that sometimes, it makes wrong expectations. Rather than turning it off for good, why not be patient and make the feature get used to your favorite words. As you redress its revisions with a single click after another, then you would not be experiencing the automatic correction again. Do you still feel confused?


How to add words to Galaxy S8 dictionary

The major reason behind the correction of words used is due to the default setting of Auto replacement. This consequently changes texts that it feels wrong when used while typing. Anytime this situation occurs, you should click the word and you would get a menu with few recommendations in which your initial text would be among.

With another click on that text, you need to keep, the content will change again. When next you would be using the word, auto-correct would not correct whatsoever you type because it would have gotten used to the word you’re using. According to the way we text using the same words in our everyday correspondence, it becomes used to it and in the long run, you will never face that problem anymore.


How to turn off auto correct on Note 8

In case you do not want to follow the steps above because you’re in haste or they seem a bit confusing, then you should simply follow this process:

  1. Examine the general Settings of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8;
  2. Click on Language and Input;
  3. Select the Samsung keypad
  4. Click on Smart Typing;
  5. In this segment turn off the components that you never again need to utilize:
    • The predictive text – recommendations of words directly under the keyboard field;
    • Auto replace – the feature that replaces your “wrong” words naturally;
    • Auto check spelling – the feature that underlines in red the spelling mistakes;
    • Auto spacing – the feature that includes spaces in the middle of the words when typing;
    • Auto punctuation- the feature that inserts punctuation marks where necessary.


Finally, now that you are at the end, you are most likely finding surprisingly each one of those cool components that your Samsung Note 8 cell phone can give you through the Smart Typing feature. It is better you reconsider before you cancel out on any of these great options listed above.

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