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Samsung Note 8: Using The One Handed Use Feature

In any case, you may be finding it quite difficult to use the awesome one handed use feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, worry less because after reading this, you would be able to perfectly make use of the One handed use feature. You can make use of the Galaxy Note 8 much more efficiently by making use of one of the features on your device named Touch Wiz.

With the use of Touch Wiz, you do not need to use both hands to operate your device. With the instructions below, using the feature above, you would be able to use your Galaxy Note 8 effectively and efficiently.


Enabling the One- handed Operation:

  1. Turning on your Note 8 is the first step here.
  2. After which you would go to the settings app and click to open it.
  3. Search and select the one handed-operation.
  4. Make sure you enable the one handed operation by switching it on.
  5. Some directions would appear, so you should check your screen to know what next to do.


Toggling the One-Handed Operation off and on:

  1. Make sure you take a look at the guide above to turn on your One-handed operation.
  2. Select the expand button that is located at the right top corner of your screen so you can get the screen size to a normal one.
  3. Make use of your thumb to re-enable the One-handed operation by moving to the center from the side.


Haven learned how to utilize the One-handed feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, begin the procedure from the left part of your screen if you’re left-handed and you still wish to make use of the One-handed feature on your Note 8.


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