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Samsung Note 9 Autocorrect: Turning it OFF And ON

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with an in-built autocorrect feature. The autocorrect feature was configured the Samsung Note 9 to help in checking typo or spelling error that one makes in the process of typing words on the device

There are situation whereby the autocorrect can indicate that a particular word you type is incorrect even though to you it’s correct. This can be an issue or headache because every time you spell those words the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will tag it as incorrect continuously even though to you it is correct.

If for any reason you are not comfortable with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 autocorrect, you can simply disable the autocorrect. The following will guide on the procedure you can take to turn OFF and ON the autocorrect option on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9


How to turn on and off autocorrect on Samsung Note 9:

  1. Switch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device
  2. Move to the screen that shows the keyboard
  3. Select and hold the “Dictation Key” on the left “Space Bar”
  4. Go ahead and select on the “Settings” gear option
  5. Select on “Predictive Text” and disable it below the section that shows “Smart Typing”
  6. you can also disable different setting such as the punctuation mark and auto-capitalization


If later on you decided to activate the auto-correction. You can go back to the keyboard and then to setting and initiate a change on the autocorrect feature “ON”. That will make everything return back to normal


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