Samsung Note 8: How To Turn OFF S Voice

What do you think of S Voice, Samsung’s personal assistant app? It runs on any Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, just like it runs on any other Android device from Samsung, and it was conceived as the main competitor of the iOS Siri. It helps you get basic information such as weather and time details, it helps you initiate searches, access particular settings or even make calls, all with simple voice commands, without having to touch the device.

Of course, you need to touch the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to launch the S Voice from the home button shortcut, but that’s all. Speaking of which, some people like the S Voice and others don’t like it. There are even people who like it but who do not appreciate that the shortcut is placed right on the home button and they often launch it by mistake. If you’re from the last category, the information from below will be useful to you.


Learn how to turn off the S Voice feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Disabling this feature can be done when the S Voice is active, which means you will first have to tap the home button and turn on the S Voice;
  2. Then, look for that common 3-dot icon that gives you access to the settings;
  3. Tap on it and you will gain access to all the S Voice options;
  4. Look for the Wake-Up section, somewhere at the middle of the screen, and uncheck the entry listed as “Open via the home key”.


Once you do that, you can be sure that you will no longer turn on the S Voice by mistake, when hitting the Home key. Just so you know, the feature can be reactivated by following the same steps from above and checking that entry once again. In the meantime, the S Voice will still be available, even if you won’t be able to turn it on from this button.


Learn how to completely turn off the S Voice on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Start from the general settings of the smartphone;
  2. Launch the Application Manager;
  3. Go to the All option;
  4. Find the S Voice listed in there;
  5. Select it;
  6. Then, select Turn Off;
  7. Confirm with the OK button;
  8. Leave the settings.


Now you can consider that you have officially disabled the S Voice from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The final confirmation was for you to acknowledge that, by doing so, you risk affecting the functionality of other built-in apps. If you experience any problems on your smartphone after you do that, you might consider turning it back on!

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