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Samsung Note 8: How To Add Ringtones

Galaxy Note 8 is not just a phone it is the connection that helps you communicate your loved ones and bringing them closer. One of the best ways to express your feeling is music and Note 8 give you the medium to express and experience those emotions with ringtones.

Whenever someone is calling you and you have your Note 8 on ringtone mode i.e. the loud ring mode you can listen to your ringtone as default and it’s a usual call. What if your Note 8 gives you the exact music you always like to listen to. Yes, you can customize your ringtone as your favorite tone or song or any lyrics. The requirement is just that, the ringtone should be converted to a specific format. The settings are extremely flexible and easy to drive. Now, here is the bonus if you just like a specific part of lyrics in a song and wish to customize the ringtone, however, that lyrics are a part of the chorus or may be in the second verse you can still trim it. You must simply check mark a box, highlight only to allow the system to select a specific part of the song. The only condition to it is the song should be compatible to be customized and in a specific format.

Further, looking at your Galaxy Note 8 screen every time your phone rings might be interruptive especially if you are in mid of doing something very urgent and critical but you cannot even ignore few phone calls.

Consider this example, you are chatting with your client on your PC and you are expecting a call from your family member to give you card information, however, you got a call from the insurance company to sell you their new insurance scheme, isn’t it so disturbing. Whether you pick up the phone or not you have to look onto the screen to check who is calling. This is no more a problem with Note 8 as you can assign a ringtone to your specific contacts you wish to interact with and avoid the calls with default ringtone. It is an amazing feature that can save your time and prevent you from disruptions.

You have all the options available selecting the full song or a chorus, set a specific ringtone to a group of people or a specific person and yes, all these options are customizable.

All these features are offered in Galaxy Note 8 to make it customer friendly and provide a delightful experience. This tutorial will guide you through the options available and customizing methods.


Option 1 Modify the Galaxy Note 8 ringtone for all the incoming calls

  1. Go to settings: Either swipe down to notification panel or directly search for settings app and navigate to sounds and vibration and then select the option ringtone.
  2. As you tap on ringtone the user-friendly interface allows you to select your favorite ringtone.
  3. You have few pre-installed ring tones as you swipe towards the bottom you can see the list however you can also add a new ringtone either from the collection in your device storage or download from the Samsung app available online on your Note 8.
  4. The option to add from device storage is available at the extreme bottom as you scroll down on the list of ringtones.
  5. As you click on the option, a popup window and allows you to select the file as you wish to choose to setup as a ringtone.
  6. As you change your favorite song from the music player using the sound picker, tap on the song (.mp3)
  7. Here you have two options
  8. Either select full song as Note 8 ringtone or
  9. The highlighted part of the song.
  10. To choose the full song you need to uncheck the box manually.
  11. Finally, save the changes by tapping on Done and you are good to go. Be ready to get your next call as your favorite ringtone.


There are few predefined ringtones that you can select from settings or you can choose the song from gallery


Option 2 Personalize ringtone for special contact and keep all on default mode

This process requires assessing different menu first as we are customizing the ringtone for a contact hence we need to make sure we choose the contact first.

  1. Go to contact app
  2. Select the contact you wish to customize ringtone for
  3. Click on edit and then go to option More and tap it.
  4. It opens few more options where you can scroll to the bottom unless you see the option ringtone.
  5. Tap on ringtone and then you have the same menu as you see in option 1
  6. Scroll down and select the favorite ring tone or choose the option to add from device storage.
  7. Select sound picker and select your favorite song for that special contact.
  8. As similar to step one, check or uncheck to choose the length and selective portions of the song.
  9. Save the changes and enjoy the personalization features of Note 8.
  10. And now personalize as many contacts as you wish.


Avail the special benefits of Note 8 and make your memories alive in this movement as every song makes you feel the memory attached to it.

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