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Samsung Note8: How To Fix Slow Charging Problem

Doesn’t matter how incredible a smartphone is. There will be areas that it would get criticism. The Samsung Note8 are no different from that. Despite being one of the best smartphones in 2017, these two phones have moderate charging issues. They have a slow charging problem, and critics are getting furious with such minimal problem.

First comes first, you need to make sure that the charging port you are using works well. Otherwise, you may end up in blaming the phones. There might be a situation where the slow charging problem is occurring due to the poor cable quality, or using the wrong charging port.

If so, you don’t have to go out and buy another charger, essentially attempt another USB link to check whether this takes care of the issue with your Samsung Galaxy Note8. In the event that you see that the USB charging cable that you just exchanged is working, it would be a sensible thought to get another cable for your Note8. You can likewise settle the issue of your Samsung Note8’s slow charging problem.


Master Reset

When you do an Ace/Master Reset, the majority of your pictures, data, and applications and so on will be erased for all time. To stay away from such problem from happening, we suggest moving down and backing those each data of the gadget:

  1. Click on the Setting application.
  2. Choose Records.
  3. Click on “Go down and Reset.”
  4. You may need to open your screen to this one yet select “Reset gadget.”
  5. Once there, tap on “Erase all.”


Close Background Applications

The issue originates from conceivable applications that are being utilized as a part of your experience. You can close the back-screen applications by following these means:

  1. You can raise the applications running in the background by clicking and holding the home button. Then you can actually check the recently used application on the home screen.
  2. Click on “End all applications” in the undertaking chief area.
  3. Tap on the “Ram” choice at the top corner of your screen.


When you do such, your background applications will close enabling your phone to accelerate.


Uninstalling Your 3rd Party Applications

There is a chance that your recently used/installed/endeavored 3rd party applications carry bugs which are making the Note8’s charging procedure slow. How about taking a look at them? Go through them one by one and uninstall if you feel any of those apps are unnecessary. Because you cannot put 100% trust on those applications.

You should put your Note8 on “Experimental Mode” with a specific end goal to uninstall outsider applications. You will then just uninstall the applications that are causing the moderate charging for your Samsung Galaxy Note8. You should at first kill your cell phone and after that snap and hang on the power key to actuate “Experimental Mode.” Relinquish the power catch and begin to tap on the volume down catch once the Samsung Note8 shows up on your screen. Protected Mode will be turned on once your cell phone restarts. It is then all right to relinquish all the keys you were holding.

Once you take after the technique for going to Menu> Settings> More> Application director, Downloaded> select the favored application, at that point select uninstall>all right, you will uninstall the outside applications. You will then need to change the protected mode to off. You can do this by holding the power key> restart>all right.


Dumping of Framework/System

If you dump the framework, you will be able to perform diverse capacity. Read and take the means beneath, keeping in mind the end goal to expand your system speed:

  1. Click on “Dialer.”
  2. Type in (*#9900#).
  3. Choose “Low Battery Dump” on the base of the page.
  4. Choose “Turn On.”


You will have no issues with the charging of your Samsung Galaxy Note8 once you make use of the strategies above.


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