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Samsung Note8: How To Move Pictures Folder To SD Card

Majority of Samsung users are happy with the return of the Micro SD card in the Samsung Note8 and it is not amazing that average smartphone users can use up the space of their phone in just a short while considering the numerous music and most especially due to the fact that the smartphone has a very effective camera, its picture consumes a lot out of the 32GB space on the mobile phone. In case you’re as of now having limited space on your smartphone, moving the photos to an SD card is the easiest option.

As the Samsung Note8 is very effective and efficient, it would recognize the SD card and inquire as to whether you need to store all your future photographs and recordings straight on the SD starting now and into the foreseeable future. The issue, nonetheless, is that it will just request that you do so the first time when using the camera application. Just in case you’ve missed that step, following these instructions would guide you on how to adjust the settings.


Before we introduce you to the main options, consider that:

  1. Whenever you choose the SD as the principle storage choice for the Camera, the burst shots will constantly be stored on the gadget. This is as a result of speed capacity since the SD isn’t sufficiently quick to help in saving the burst shots.
  2. Once you follow this new setting, you will have the capacity to save documents on the SD card, but all your old files still remains on your phone till you move them to the SD card manually.
  3. If modifying the storage capacity can be effortlessly done at any point later, moving the pictures and recordings as of now on your Note8 to the SD card should be possible in a few distinctive ways:
  • With the Android File Manager
  • From the cell phone’s My Files folder
  • From the Photo Gallery.


How to set your camera to save photos and videos to the SD card:

  1. Launch the Camera application;
  2. Click on the gear icon on the upper left corner of the screen;
  3. As soon as you’ve gotten to the Camera menu, click on the Storage Location;
  4. Choose the option named as SD Card from the location.


To move camera photos to SD with the Android File Manager:

  1. Go through the general Settings of your smartphone
  2. Click on Storage and USB
  3. Choose Explore
  4. In the recently opened File Manager, choose the Pictures folder
  5. Click on the Menu button
  6. Select Copy to
  7. Click SD card.


To move camera photos to SD from My Files:

  1. You should access the phone’s settings again
  2. Scroll to applications
  3. Choose Samsung
  4. Select My files
  5. In the file type section, choose Images
  6. Click on the MORE menu
  7. Choose Edit
  8. Begin to choose either the individual documents you wish to move or the whole folder
  9. Click on Move
  10. Choose the SD card.


To move camera photos to SD from Gallery:

  1. Go to the Home page or the Applications drawer and launch the Gallery
  2. Scroll to your Albums
  3. Click on a picture you want to move or press it down in the event that you need to select more than one picture at a particular time.
  4. Click on MORE
  5. Choose either Copy or Move – ideally the last mentioned, since you need to create more space on your Note8.
  6. Click on the folder that has an SD card icon on it.


It’s as easy as that. And following any of these strategies above would perfectly help you move your pictures folder from your Samsung Note8 to the SD card.

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