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Samsung Smart Switch – Transfer Files Between Galaxy S8 Devices

In the past, transferring files between two Galaxy devices required using the special Samsung Kies software.

We moved on to these flagships and file transfer became easier, even though we still need to use some software. This time, it’s not Kies, but Smart Switch.

The Samsung Smart Switch software is similar to its predecessor, but it saves you from connecting the smartphones via USB during the file transfers.


What can you transfer with this option?

Pretty much anything, from contacts, messages and notes, to music, videos and more.


How comes you don’t need the USB anymore?

Because Samsung Smart Switch relies on an iCloud connection, letting you download data from there.


What else is so cool about it?

It comes with a built-in notification “Change your iMessage settings…”, a very useful feature that will prevent you from text-receiving issues in case you previously used an iPhone.



From where can you get the Smart Switch?

As a product of Samsung, software is available on the official Samsung website. To make it easier for you, here are the links for downloading this 37MB file, the version for Windows and the version for MAC operating systems:


Nevertheless, you should be offered the option to download the Smart Switch app the moment you set up your new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.

Go ahead and tap the pop-up link and once the download is finished, tap on the DOWNLOAD AND OPEN option to initiate the installation.

After that, you’re free to transfer via iCloud pretty much all your Samsung Galaxy content: contacts, call history, messages, photos, videos, alarms, calendar events, even Wi-Fi settings, browser bookmarks, and more!


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