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Screen Rotation Troubleshooting For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

The screen rotation is a feature that you can turn On or Off on any Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone. When activated, it is supposed to adjust the display and whatever you are accessing at that time, the moment you switch the device from horizontal to vertical or the other way around. Screen rotation is possible thanks to the gyroscope and the accelerometer.

If you’ve tried to use this function without success and you are positive that the feature is turned on, it means that one of the two – either the gyroscope or the accelerometer – isn’t working as it should or isn’t working at all.

It won’t be hard to notice such a problem, especially if you’re using your camera app a lot. Most users with a malfunctioning gyro or accelerometer will see that their camera shows images inverted and even its virtual buttons are inverted.


  1.  Make sure that Screen Rotation is active.
  2. Do a self-test of the two features by typing *#0*# to the Dial pad. This command should take you to the Service Mode screen, where you tap on Sensors and you get to do a self-test.
  3. If you cannot do a self-test because the wireless carrier blocked your access to the Service Screen (which happens quite often), you need to perform a hard reset. Bringing your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus to its factory defaults could solve the issues.
    • This guide should teach you how to do just that, but our advice is to discuss with your provider as well. If other customers complained about this problem, chances are that they have some tricks to share with you.
  4. Update the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone to the latest software version available. It could be a bug with the current software that you’re using, so checking for new available versions and installing the latest one might be the saving step.


Warningif you’ve read other troubleshooting guides online or forum talks on the same topic, you’ve probably encountered users claiming that they’ve hit the device and the Screen Rotation miraculously started to function. Please don’t try this, even if it sounds like an innocent, gentle jolt. This is not a proper way to handle an expensive smartphone like this one.


To sum up, we recommend you to approach the screen that won’t rotate with a hard reset. Go to Settings >> Backup & Reset to create a backup of all your data and then read this on how to hard reset Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. Don’t start without a backup in place because this process will erase not just the settings, but also the data and the apps.


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