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Set Custom Ringtones On Samsung Note 8 – Guide

Sooner or later, it can be very important setting a ringtone for a particular person that calls you or even set the alarm for some specific events or functions. These are the reasons for using your Samsung Note 8 for creating any distinctive ringtones or functions.

With creating this type of specific ringtone, you will be able to know who is calling you without even looking at your phone and you will be able to guess the event that is coming up only by the specific ringtone linked to that certain event. These kinds of options are giving a high uniqueness of the Samsung Note 8.

This is a specific guide on how to create this type of distinctive ringtones for callers or events using sounds by preference or even lyrics of your favorite songs on your Samsung Note 8.


Samsung Note 8 Ringtones:

It is quite possible using different ringtones chosen by your preference and linking them to various contacts on your android smartphone. Also, it is possible to choose a notification alert and set it on your phone, better said, use the notification alert for linking it with contacts on your Android’s phonebook.


The following procedure would apply when setting up custom ringtones on the Note 8:

  1. First, you must switch to Samsung Note 8.
  2. Then, you need to go into the application you use for dialling
  3. When you are in the dial application, you look for the contact that you want to link it with some specific ringtone.
  4. If you find the contact you want to link to your chosen ringtone, you must find the icon that is formed like a pen and select it. With selecting the icon, you will be able to make the changes on your chosen contact.
  5. Use the button for ringtones to open the list that contains all your chosen ringtones.
  6. You can search through the list and when you find the ringtone that you chose for your contact you need to confirm that this is the ringtone you want to choose for your contact.


Sometimes, it’s possible not to be able to find the specific ringtone you need on the list. In that case, you need to click on the ‘’Add’’ option to find other ringtones and add them to the list.


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