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Severe Weather Alerts – Galaxy S8 And S8+ Plus (How To Make Changes)

Severe weather alerts, just like emergency notifications, have a very weird way of manifesting – the kind of weird trying to tell you that there’s something serious coming up and you should act as soon as possible. While their purpose is understandable, there are actually little instances when you will be getting such an imminent threat notification on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.

For you and anyone else out there who want to know how to turn Off and On severe weather alerts, we’ve prepared this article. As a small disclaimer before going on, the severe weather and emergency alerts don’t come out of the blue! Carriers communicate with government officials as well as with state or local safety agencies, FCC, FEMA, Homeland Security, National Weather Service and so on. They take the obligation of notifying as many people as possible about various threats.

Disabling these alerts means that you are actually giving up on a feature meant to ensure your safety.

It could be because you’re using a Samsung smartphone, and many users reported so far that the emergency notifications from Samsung are the most annoying and aggressive out there. If you still want to proceed with it, only one of the four alerts (Presidential, Extreme, Severe, AMBER) cannot be disabled!

Let’s see what’s all about.


How to turn Off and On the Severe Weather alerts on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

Since these alerts come as text messages, the place where you can tweak their options is, you’ve guessed, the Messaging app.

  1. Launch the Messaging app;
  2. Look at the top right corner and tap on the three dots symbol;
  3. Tap on Settings in the newly opened context menu;
  4. Browse for and select the option Emergency Alerts;
  5. From the list of available alerts, uncheck the boxes next to those that you want to deactivate.


The Presidential alert is the one you can never deactivate. Otherwise, you can shut down everything else and get back here when you want to turn them on once again.

From now on, there should be no other annoying alerts on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, scaring you when going on at the wrong time, in the middle of the night…




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