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Show Calculator Percentage On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

You may be curious about the use of your Samsung Galaxy S8 calculator that is preinstalled and the issues that you are experiencing with the percent calculation. The calculator version in your smartphones such as the multiple S models could calculate the following things.


Show Calculator Percentage On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Mathematically 00-10% =360, using the input, this is not correct. But, it is possible to do a quick percent calculation. You can get: 400-10%=399.9 if you type the same formula into the calculator on your Samsung Galaxy S8. You can fix your Samsung Galaxy S8 by using the mathematically correct situation since 0.1 is equal 10%. But, a lot of people like to use the simply step to calculate %.

It is actually not possible on your Samsung Galaxy S8. You must do the percent calculation using the old school method of doing 400 * .9=360 to find what 10% of 400 are. It is recommended to use the ASUS calculator if you like to use the older formula method. This method is just like the original calculator of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and you can calculate the percentage by using a simple method.

You can take at the guide on how to use the use ASUS calculator in the Google Play Store. You have found at that the calculator for your Samsung Galaxy S8 is counted correctly. But you also know how you can use the calculation with easy percent again.


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