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Skip Toll Roads On Samsung Galaxy S8 In Google Maps

Everybody loves Google Maps. It is one of the most popular navigation apps, used by millions of people from around the world. As a Samsung fan and Samsung Galaxy S8 user, you must be well aware that Google Maps is at your disposal.

While for everyday commuting it may not be a necessity, when you’re planning road trips or you’re having long routes ahead of you, you might feel the need to use this app. Did it ever occur to you that it can help you a lot more than by simply indicating the fastest routes?

You probably know it can signal you the roads restricted due to road maintenance works. It can also suggest you routes that include or exclude highways. And, here’s the best part, it can help you to avoid Google Maps toll roads.

Just think of it – by using this option, you can significantly reduce your travel expenses. Wouldn’t you want to know which are toll roads and which are free passing roads, from all the roads you are about to take?

The option is there, on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus Google Maps app. You just need to find the right setting and to activate it with one tap:

  1. Launch Google Maps;
  2. Type in your start address as well as your destination address;
  3. Look for the Options button and select it;
  4. From the Options list, tap on the Avoid Tolls option.


By selecting Avoid Tolls, Google Maps will automatically avoid all the toll roads from your route. If it finds one, it will recalculate the route on different roads, right until you will be able to reach the destination by bypassing any road fee. Talk about saving money!

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