Sleep Mode On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

There are many Android phones where Do Not Disturb feature is very common. But sometime you may not succeed to use the feature and use Sleep Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus instead. The only reason behind it is Samsung treats it as the Blocking mode. According to Samsung it was only to block calls and notifications. But other reason could be guessed that, Apple, their biggest competitor introduced the apps in the same name but with many other different features.

You have to know one thing that, the Blocking mode will assist you by avoiding any calls especially when you attend in any important meeting as well as any business dinner or when you may be busy on any special date or just you’re having relaxed on sofa, trying to have a sound sleep without any interruptions even with any call or text. If you think the feature is very restrictive and want to avoid using the feature, you need to know that you have the opportunity to customize the options in the Sleep Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. It has in fact enough option to penetrate your silence shield letting away some of your emergency calls or any urgent alarms.

The process of setting up the feature is very easy. You may read through the post and will be able to know the system of configuring and using the feature of Do Not Disturb Mode or Blocking Mode in your handset Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus.


Way Of Turning ON Sleep Mode On Galaxy S9 Or Galaxy S9 Plus:

  1. Go to the Setting menu;
  2. Touch on the Blocking Mode;
  3. Have a look on the upper side right corner and touch the toggle for switching it from Off to On.


A small circle with a dash will be appeared after switching the mode On in the status bar. If you see this you should know that Blocking Mode has been run on your handset.


Way Of Configuring And Personalizing The Blocking Mode On Galaxy S9

Under the option you may find the list with all the alerts and sounds which will be blocked by this mood. Most of the users usually start with two options:

  • Blocking incoming calls
  • Turning off notifications


For waking up in the morning if you are dependent on your device, be sure that, you haven’t checked the box of “Turn off alarm and time”.

You must set up the starting and stopping time of Blocking mood because if you don’t do this, It will remain active always by default. By setting up the starting and stopping time, you can control the blocking mood.

If you have any emergency contact, whose call you want to receive in any time even after Blocking mode is turned ON, you should make enable that specific contact. Thus even after turning the Blocking mood ON, your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus may allow call that was set as exception.

  • The Favorites contacts option can be selected directly. And all the favorite contacts may reach you.
  • Or a custom list can be set up and that will ensure you that the contacts from that list can call you in spite of the mode is being ON.


Now you have the opportunity to decide which type of alarms and notification you would like to get during that timeframe as well as from which contacts you would like to receive calls even after the Do Not Disturb mode is being On in your Galaxy device.

But if you want to block any specific contact you should know that, this setting is no longer useful for you. Rather you may repeat callers for getting rid of being annoyed. For this you may use the app menu of your phone and add the number in the Reject List. But that’s fully different thing which is not similar to the feature of Blocking mode.


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