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Slow Wi-Fi Problems & Solutions On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Do you feel like you’re growing old as you wait for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus to upload large blocks of text or pages with lots of images, gif files and animation? Many users complain that they’re tired looking at gray boxes instead of the photographs that the browser should have loaded. If it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even WhatsApp and Snapchat, not being able to load images is even worse. You’re kind of missing all the fun, right?

Here’s the thing – if icons and pictures look gray, it is often because of a slow Wi-Fi. You can also verify if this is the case by trying to use Google Now. Do you get the message “Can’t reach Google at the moment.”? Or does it seem to load, yet the display remains at the Recognizing stage?

Usually, it’s the weak signal causing all that. But if you know for a fact that the signal is strong yet pages upload incredibly slow, we totally understand your frustration. Here is what we recommend you to try.

  1. Factory reset the smartphone;
  2. Forget the current network and try to reconnect by scanning for available networks and typing in the username and the password;
  3. Reset the modem or the router, whatever you’re using to get your wireless internet;
  4. Change the type of connection, perhaps try a Static connection instead of DHCP;
  5. Switch DNS to Google’s Addresses;
  6. Change the bandwidth settings of the router;
  7. Change the broadcast channel of your router;
  8. Adjust the security settings of the router or modem you’re using for wireless connectivity;
  9. Disable Security;
  10. Call your ISP to ask if there are any particular problems you should know of;
  11. Consider upgrading your current subscription to a higher one, so you can benefit from higher speed and larger bandwidth.


These are the most technical and simple at the same time tweaks that you can try in order to resolve the slow Wi-Fi problem on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. If none of them helped, perhaps the problem is deeper and it most likely has to do with the device.

As a more advanced troubleshooting option, you can complete a wipe cache partition. This method will keep all your data in good order, so you don’t have to worry that when it’s done you’re not going to find your photos, videos or messages anymore. Just focus on accessing the Android Recovery Mode and taking the steps from this guide on how to clear cache on Galaxy S8+ Plus:

  1. Turn off the smartphone;
  2. Get the phone into Recovery Mode
  3. Hold them all for a couple of seconds – you should feel a short vibration when you can release them;
  4. After the phone vibrates, it enters the Recovery Mode and you can browse around for the option that will allow you to wipe cache partition, the feature with the same name;
  5. Use the Volume down button to browse and the Power button to activate it;
  6. After a couple of minutes, when the process completes, use the same two buttons to find the Reboot system now option and initiate it.


Usually, the wipe cache partition performed this way fixes the slow Wi-Fi problem. If it didn’t work for you, perhaps you should take the phone to an authorized service.



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