Solve Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus “Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped” Error

What’s the point in taking a ton of pictures with your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus if, every time when you try to browse through your gallery, you see this “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” error?

It’s obviously a common app crash case, quite common on all kinds of Android devices. Does it mean you’re supposed to put up with it? Not really, especially since it might as well be a minor Gallery app issue. Here’s how you can avoid letting it grow, potentially turning into a firmware problem. Follow our main suggestions from this tutorial and fix the error.

To put an end to all this suspense, when you see the “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” message coming from the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Gallery app…

  1. You can investigate the Gallery app itself;
  2. Or you can investigate the entire device…


The first approach of the “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus:

Like mentioned, the entire problem can come from the app itself. And especially if you see this message when you try to open the Gallery, you’re probably right to suspect it. What do you always do when you think that something might be wrong with an app? You clear its cache, obviously!


Clear the app cache by following these specific instructions:

  1. Tap the Apps icon on the Home Screen to access the Settings feature;
  2. Tap the Applications menu to get to the Application Manager and its dedicated tab labeled as ALL;
  3. Within that tab, you’ll see the Gallery app listed and you must select it;
  4. Use the Force Close button before anything else, to make sure you shut it off;
  5. Then, select the Storage option;
  6. Tap on the Clear Cache option;
  7. Tap on the Clear Data option right after that;
  8. End the process with one more tap on the Delete button, for confirming that you really want to clear the app data.


Now, assuming the process that we just described didn’t help, it can still be an issue related to this app… or to another app. What do you do when you can’t tell which one to blame? You boot into Safe Mode, for further investigations, obviously! In that booting mode, if the “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” message keeps popping when you try to open the Gallery, you have a more serious problem with the app itself. Most likely, however, the message will disappear, which will tell you that another faulty app was causing the Gallery app to crash.

In the second situation, you will have to disable the potentially problematic apps, one by one, and check which one’s absence will make the error go away. It will help if you start from the most recently installed apps, especially the ones that might have to do with the Gallery. Otherwise, you have only one solution left, and it will target the whole device.


The second approach of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” error:

We’ll keep this chapter short because there’s not really much to say. As you probably anticipate, one of the approaches for when the “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” error might relate with the Galaxy S9 is the hard reset. It’s also the “one solution left” that we just mentioned above.

Nevertheless, before you do that, it is worth checking the SD card. In some instances, this small storage device can be at the root of the problem, if it’s corrupted and you’re trying to see pictures from the Gallery that are stored on the external SD card. Simply remove the card for a while and see if you can access the Gallery in its absence.

If you still can’t… Start backing up your most important information and complete a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 Plus. You’ll bring your smartphone to its initial settings and the “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” message will be out of the picture for good.

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