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Solve Overheating Problems On Galaxy S8+ Plus And Galaxy S8

This problem can be usual because the users can run some applications for a long time, like listening to music the whole day, we also have some apps that are strong and when they run on the phone for a long time, they will make the phone overheat. This is a common problem and it does not affect all the customers uniformly it depends on what they do with their phones. Samsung has come up with a method of cooling the system known as the liquid cooling to enable users to solve the problem. Though there are various ways on how to solve the problem.


Methods of Solving the Problem

Solution1. Do not Use the phone while charging

We have some users of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus that so much on the phone to the point where they can not give the phone time to recharge the battery. When the phone is charging they are very busy doing their own thing, this can be dangerous to the operating system and this can be the real cause as to why the Galaxy S8+ Plus is overheating. It is wise to give your device time to recharge the battery and also charge it for a reasonable time, one hour is considerable.


Solution 2 Remove the Cover case

You can try to remove the cover casing of the phone if you that type of user who has a cover on the phone always. Although the cover is meant to protect the phone from dust and any other harmful thing it is important to remove the cover for some time and use the phone without it.


Solution 3 Toggle Fast Cable Charging

The fast cable charging is a feature that speeds up the charging of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus and this can be disabled because it can be the reason why the device is overheating. To disable this feature,

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Scroll to find the battery
  3. Find the “Fast Cable Charging” and tap on it to switch “Off” give it five minutes then tap again to switch it “On”


Solution 4 Soft Reset the Galaxy S8

This process is similar to the resetting of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus but the big distinction comes in where the first one actually deletes all the apps then the other does not delete anything on the device. The importance of the soft reset is that it stops the apps that are running in the background and also frees up some space in the phone memory.


Solution 5 Optimize Battery Settings

There could be some apps that are draining your battery and it is important to optimize the battery settings to deal with the problem of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus overheating.

  1. Find the settings menu and then select the battery icon
  2. On the battery usage which is now displayed, touch on “More”
  3. Browse downwards and opt for “Battery usage”
  4. A list of all the apps that are in the Galaxy S8+ Plus will appear and you have to switch it on all apps.


This will reduce the energy usage of the Galaxy S8+ Plus by far and the problem of overheating will be solved by now, this is because the faster the battery releases power to run all the apps the hotter it becomes. Basically, the battery is trying to serve all the running apps and this can bring about the overheating on Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8.


Solution6 Software Update

The problem of Galaxy S8+ Plus can be caused by updated software which is important in the solving most of the problems that are facing the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. The overheating of the phone must be arising from an app or software that has not been updated and this can be the main reason why it is heating up, the only and best solution is to update the software. To update the software go to the settings menu and then tap on the “Software update” and confirm if there are software updates this is after tapping on the button “Check software” updates. If there will be any new updates, just tap on the “Update Now” key to update the specific software. It is recommended that you connect your phone to the WIFI or you can also perform by the use of your phone’s data and another important thing to do is to make sure that the phone is well charged or you can start the procedure when connecting the Galaxy S8+ Plus to a power output.


Solution 7 Check Third Party Applications

The imperative thing that you should confirm is to be sure that Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S8 is switched on and running as it is required. The overheating problem in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus can be solved by long pressing the power button and then you tap on the power off button till the display says to reboot to safe mode then you will be able to restart the phone. This problem can be originating from third-party applications that you have downloaded and installed in your device. The safe mode will always appear on the left side of the screen at the bottom. If the problem is solved, this is basically caused by a third party application and you have to uninstall them one by one and most probably the problem will be gotten rid of. To factory reset the phone you must clear the cache partition and this can be done in a simple way by switching off the phone and then you press the power, volume up and the home buttons together.

Ignore the recovery text that comes with the Samsung logo and move forward to the recovery menu where you have to use the volume up button to scroll to the wipe cache partition where you will select it by pressing the power button. The whole of this process can erase all the stored data and files in the phone memory and it paramount to back up your data first if you still value the data in the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. You may have done all of the above and still, you have problems, it is the right time that you return the Galaxy S8 to the shop where you bought it so that they can also try to fix the problem.


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