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Solve Power Button Not Working Problem On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

If you own the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone, it might not be uncommon to experience a faulty power button that is not working. This issues, some claim, arises when you try and press down the button power located at the side of the Galaxy S8 smartphone so as to wake your smartphone but nothing happens.

Although the power button might light up the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not turn on when you hit this power button. Similarly, this issue can occur when you are receiving a phone call where the Samsung Galaxy S8 will ring but you will not see any display since the screen will remain blank and will not be responding.


Troubleshooting Solutions for a Button Not Working Problem

We have explained below some methods that can be used in the process of fixing the faulty power button on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

There is a possibility of experiencing this problem after you have installed a faulty app. Try to put your phone in the Safe Mode and test the functionality of the power button (Learn how to get Galaxy S6 in and out of Safe Mode)

At this point, you may not know if any malware or app might have caused the power button not to work but trying to use the Safe Mode is one of the surest ways of checking if a corrupted app could be the cause of your power button problems.

Alternatively, to fix the power button not working problem, you can try to perform a factory setting so as to return the phone settings back to the default settings especially if this problem persists after trying out the Safe Mode. Ensure that after resetting your smartphone, it should run on the latest software that is provided by your carrier. The best way to consult your service provider and query about the most recent system update version for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone.


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