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Solving The Screen Blackout Problem On Galaxy S8+ Plus

For the Galaxy S8+ Plus owners, the screen blackout problem might not exactly be a new issue to you. This probably got you questioning why your Galaxy S8+ Plus screen suddenly blackout while the rest of the keys lit up just as normal.

The Galaxy S8+ Plus screen fails to power ON at specific periods for different users, but the common ground is that the screen simply won’t switch ON.

Lucky you, there are a few ways you could try out to fix the screen blackout problem on your Galaxy S8+ Plus. Follow the guidelines below to know how you can fix the blackout screen issues on Galaxy S8+ Plus.


Boot your Galaxy S8+ Plus to the Recovery Mode and Wipe the Cache Partition

The following procedure gets your device into the Recovery Mode by booting the phone.

  1. Get the phone into Recovery Mode.
  2. After the smartphone vibrates, release the Power key but keep hold of the remaining 2 keys. Hold until the Android System Recovery page appears.
  3. Use the Volume Down key to highlight ‘’Wipe Cache Partition’’ then tap the Power key to pick it
  4. Your Galaxy S8+ Plus reboots automatically once the cache partition is cleared

For a more detailed guide on how to clear the cache partition on your Galaxy S8+ Plus, read this.


Get your Galaxy S8+ Plus back to its Factory Settings

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and none seem to be solving your problem, consider resetting your device back to its factory settings. These guidelines will teach you how to reset your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus back to its factory settings.

It is however worth noting that before you opt to rest your smartphone back to its factory settings, you need to first back up all your important files to avoid any data loss through the reset.


Find Technical Assistance

If neither of the above methods has worked on your device yet in your attempts to solve the black screen issue on Galaxy S8+ Plus, it is advisable that you take the device back to the store where it will be checked out for any defects.

If adjudged to be faulty by the technical assistant, a replacement unit may be offered or you could have your phone repaired.

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