Speed Up Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Web Browsing

Is your Android Browser or even the popular Google Chrome moving extremely slow whenever you try to surf the web from it? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious problem with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.

From this article, you should learn a couple of things to help you speed up your browsing, whether you’re dealing with a buggy, laggy, or just slow internet.

The goal is to make some changes that will tell your smartphone to allocate more RAM for the internet browser, so that it will boost its performances, mostly when it comes to scrolling. While it won’t turn your browsing app into a super-fast thing, it will give you just the right amount of navigation speed to make a significant difference in how your pages load and how you scroll through the different sections with information.


The secret tweak that speeds up web browsing on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus:

This is secret, but your smartphone has a series of hidden features that you should be able to access if you type the right URL. So, instead of the URL of the website you are planning to use, type in the address bar the address “chrome://flags“.

In the newly opened window, look for the entry labeled as “#max-tiles-for-interest-area” and use the Dropdown menu labeled as “Default” to change it into 512. Finally, tap on the Relaunch Now button from the end of the section, to confirm these changes and enjoy the much-coveted speed boost.

The only thing left to mention is that you should really refrain from adjusting anything else within the Chrome://flags menu, otherwise, the results may be very unsatisfying. Your browser might actually end up working slower than before or showing signs of instability.

These risks, as well as the fact that the menu is hidden, are proved by the fact that most options listed in there are actually upcoming features, currently in beta testing. You just stick to the instructions provided above and the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus that you’re using will deliver a faster Internet speed from now on. Other than that, do not edit anything else, no matter if it sounds like something you could use or not!

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