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Taking And Sharing Photos On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Taking photographs and sharing them through all kinds of media channels is one of the most popular activities among owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphones. The camera features and the amazing quality of the photographs and videos it can take would entitle you to do all that, but do you know how to take pictures on Galaxy S8 and how to share those pictures?

If you’re a newbie on this chapter, we’re going to show you the basics. Chances are you’ll grasp them pretty quickly if you’ve used an Android device before. But even if you didn’t, there’s nothing too complicated.


How to take photographs with a Galaxy S8 camera

The first step to taking pictures on your new smartphone is to launch the Camera App. This one can be done in more than two ways, but only two of them are the fastest and most accessible options:

  1. Press, hold and swipe in any direction the Camera icon from the bottom right corner of the Lock Screen;
  2. Tap on the Camera icon from the Home Screen.


These are the two ways we would recommend you to use when starting to take photographs. The first one is obviously the fastest because it doesn’t force you to walk through the authentication process of the Lock Screen. The second one is a bit simpler since it only involves one tap. And if you don’t have a very complicated unlock password or you’re planning to do other things as well when you’re done with the camera, it doesn’t hurt to go through the Lock Screen and access the Home Screen of your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus directly.

Once you’ve launched the app, you can either start taking photographs or spend a little time adjusting the settings. As you will easily notice, the left edge of the display will offer you a couple of options to tweak, with toggle activators, from special features to particular shooting modes. At first, you will have to pick and test, see the differences for yourself, and then decide how you’d like your photographs to look, depending on the context.


How to share the photographs taken with a Galaxy S8 camera

Every time you take a picture, a shortcut to the preview of the image will be available at the bottom right corner of the display. You tap on it and the image will expand to the entire screen. From there, you can view different other photographs you have taken and you can select the ones you want to share with family and friends.

By selecting the photo that you want to share we mean tapping on it. You should be able to notice a sharing button. Tap on that button too and you will get a list of predefined sharing options that will include the Gmail, your Facebook account, the Google+ and a couple of other methods. You select the desired method and the app associated to it will automatically launch. From there, you can select the contact that should receive the photograph and hit the send button.

Needless to say, you can and you should back up all the photographs that you take with your Samsung Galaxy S8 camera. If something happens with your phone or you accidentally delete some of them, you won’t lose any of your precious photographs. Google Drive and Dropbox, but also OneDrive, are great cloud storage options that you should look into.

If you’re reluctant about taking your photographs somewhere else, remember that you’re not just doing it for protecting the data. You are also clearing up valuable space that will allow your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus device to run smoother.


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