Text Messaging Issues On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus – Solved

Sadly, I have to develop a new troubleshooting guide once again for your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. No one could have predicted that there could be as many problems as we have out here. As soon as I begin thinking that I have solved all the possible issues, a new problem crops up. In my post today, I aim to tackle the issue with text messaging errors on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Text messaging issues will occur when you realize that your phone cannot receive or send text messages. In some instances, the phone will display some error codes on the screen as you try to send a text message.

I want to assure you that a large majority of these issues usually come up as a result of device misconfiguration or corrupted data or caches. As always I am here to offer my help so that this issue no longer bothers you. Read ahead to grasp the full content on how to fix this problem because I know most of us like tackling such issues personally.


Fixing Galaxy S8 Text Messaging Issues

There is a possibility that in your attempt to get to know the different functions on your phone, you might have tampered with the text messaging function unknowingly. As a result, I will recommend that you start by resetting the Text Messages App. In most cases, this process usually fixes the problem. To do this;

  1. Click on the apps icon
  2. Open the settings
  3. Tap on applications and open the application manager
  4. From here you have to swipe to All tabs
  5. Locate the Messages app from here
  6. Tap on storage
  7. In the Messaging app, clear the cache
  8. Proceed to clear data as well and Delete


It is recommended that you ensure the airplane mode is switched off. You can switch off the airplane mode by following these simple steps below;

  1. From your phone’s homescreen, click on the apps icon
  2. Browse to locate the Settings and tap on it
  3. Now look for the airplane mode in the settings and click on it
  4. Switch off the airplane mode if it is on


At this moment you still got a few more things you can do before deciding to send in the phone for an expert checkup and repair. Well, if you are still unable to receive or send messages to your friends and loved ones( which could happen if some are still using iPhone, although this does not mean you have to keep up with this problem), it is high time you reviewed the text messaging app you are using. In this regard, clear the app’s data as well as its cache. So how do you achieve this? Simple, follow the steps below;

  1. Go to your homescreen and open the apps icon
  2. Right away, tap on the settings
  3. In the settings menu, tap on the applications and open the applications manager
  4. Swipe to view All tabs
  5. The next step is to locate and click on the Textra
  6. Now hit on Storage
  7. From here all that is remaining is to clear the data and cache, Delete as well


It is also possible that you could face text messaging upsets when migrating from using an iPhone to using a different OS such as the Galaxy S8 device. You can solve this issue by moving your SMS services from the iMessage on Apple to the one used on Android devices by following the steps below;

  1. Browse for the Apple iMessages de-registration page
  2. In the field identified as Phone number, key in your phone numbers
  3. You will find a section that says, ‘no longer have your iPhone?’ Choose send code. Apple will then send a code as a confirmation of your de-registration

Enter this code as soon as you receive it into the Confirmation Code Field.

  • Now tap Submit


You could attempt to boot your smartphone in the safe mode and check to see if the text messaging error still exists. If it does exist, simply wipe the phone’s cache partition. You can do this easily as follows;

  1. Long press the power button
  2. The moment a Samsung logo for Galaxy S8 appears on the screen, immediately hold the volume down button but release the power button.
  3. Hold the volume down key for enough time for the phone to complete the rebooting process.
  4. Only release the volume down button after seeing the ‘safe mode’ appearing in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  5. If you find the messaging issues in this mode, proceed to wipe the cache partition. However, if you can’t find the problem in the safe mode, look for the app causing this issue. You can disabling apps one after the other starting with the latest installed apps.


If you would like to also optimize the performance of your Galaxy S8, ensure that you are using the latest software. This does not mean that older software versions should be the cause of the messaging error. However, it is better to always have a software that is up-to-date. In rare cases such as one which involve invalidating huge complex problems, the best alternative is to perform a hard reset which should give your smartphone a fresh start. Lastly you may have to consider getting the phone checked by an experienced and licensed technician.



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